About Us

InD Cleaning Services was founded in 1998 by Renato and Susana Brintrup. With a background in business, together, they have been able to develop a system that is efficient, economic, and based on solid knowledge of the requirements to keep facilities in top shape. Working in Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Santa Ynez, InD Cleaning Services currently serves numerous non-profit, commercial, residential, health, fitness and educational facilities throughout the County of Santa Barbara.

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InD Cleaning Services has been Better Business Bureau accredited since 2011.
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What Sets Us Apart

  • We recognize that client’s employees do not take cleaning as importantly as they should. At the end of their shift they are tired, ready to go home, and may skimp on some important cleaning measures just to be able to punch out. This is where we come in and clean the tasks that may get over looked on a daily basis.
  • Santa Barbara is a place with a high-end standard of living, tourism, and commerce. In turn, business owners pay a high real estate price. So, presentation and cleaning takes a top priority to keep foot traffic and clientele attracted to their establishments.

How We Do Business

  • We always clean like it is the first time.
  • We treat every facility as our own business.
  • Our work ethic and high standards give our clients confidence, satisfaction, and the consistency of good results which, in turn, keeps our clients invested in us long-term.
  • We design a specialized cleaning method for each client based on the particular needs of that location.
  • We supply products like paper toiletries and cleaning disinfectants that keep facilities in top shape at all times.
  • We look for ways of saving our client’s money by pointing out the waste of expensive products and suggesting an economical replacement without losing efficiency. In some cases, we are able to save them thousands of dollars per year.
  • We pride ourselves on being affordable. Our clients of over 15 years have only seen their monthly bill go up once to keep current with the times.
  • With the pro-active approach we provide, our clients have good reason to keep us as their cleaning service contractor solution for a long time.
  • Our expertise allows us to solve any problem when it comes to cleaning, such as cross contamination or disinfection, especially in food, health, fitness and educational facilities.