Clean Bathroom

Every now and then, whether it be in right after waking up or just before that fresh cup of coffee, is when we really let good habits slide. Being able to be aware of your surroundings at whatever mental state you may endure, makes all the difference of having a decent home. What I recommend are minor habits that have a positive effect of the cleanliness of any bathroom

[ ] Using toilet paper to wipe down the toilet seat cover.

[ ] Take a paper towel and leave the sink dry.

[ ] Do the same with the mirror! We all wash our faces above the sink.

[ ] If soap is spilled onto the floor, make sure it gets used.

[ ] Throw all that excess hair of the brush and toss it into the trash!

[ ] Be sure to flush in between sessions if you are on the toilet long enough for the legs to go numb.

As a result, a lot less stress inducing on cleaning day. Celebrate that drink after its done, not just to get started.

Smell well and feel swell.